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Thermo King & Carrier Transicold RepairTransport Refrigeration Repair & Service

TKX Transport Refrigeration has over 60 years of experience servicing both Thermo King and Carrier refrigerated trailer, truck, van and A.P.U. units. We have an excellent inventory of OEM parts to minimize downtime and get your refrigeration units serviced and back on the road. In fact, emergency repair is not only our specialty, but our pride and joy. Our experienced refrigeration mechanics understand the value of your time – getting your unit up and running in the absolute shortest time possible is our #1 priority, whether you are in the shop or on the road. We know that if a load of fruits, vegetables or meats isn’t being refrigerated on the road due to some mechanical mishap, there is no time to waste. We also understand the sooner you are able to get going again, the more likely you are to avoid insurance damages.

Our accuracy and speed are what set us apart from the rest, and TKX specializes in being Chicago’s most reliable and speedy cold transport repair mechanics. In the shop, we have numerous technicians on hand to do the job right, and in an emergency, we come to you and make sure you don’t lose any time, money or cargo due to refrigeration failure.

Trailer Washout Service

Trailer washouts refer to having the inside of a semi-truck trailer cleaned. This isn’t the same service as a trailer wash or truck wash, which refers to having the outside of a truck or trailer cleaned. Trailer washouts are normally recommended at least once a week or more often as needed. But as the country is dealing with increased levels of concern over potential opportunities for the spread of contaminates in the wake of the COVID-19, recent changes now require washouts to be done after every load or haul. These involve thoroughly cleaning the inside areas of a semi-truck trailer with hot water to prevent contamination and lower the risk of other problems.

Find out more about our Trailer Washout Service in Chicago, IL and Book your washout today!

Preventative Maintenance & InspectionPreventative Maintenance & Inspection

Every truck & trailer, but especially the refrigerated auto unit, needs regular maintenance and inspection. For Thermo King and Carrier refrigeration units, TKX Transport has all the tools and expertise necessary to ensure proper servicing to last your entire journey. TKX specializes in repairing refrigeration units using a large inventory of OEM parts, and we also inspect the truck and trailer to ensure all pieces of machinery operate smoothly together.

For regular maintenance and inspection, we overlook no part of the job because we want to get you out on the road with confidence and ease. Regular maintenance of refrigerated trailers is recommended at 1,500 hours, 3,000 hours and 4,500 hours (annually). Our experienced refrigeration mechanics check the refrigeration unit for adequate cooling, proper oil, working belts and everything else required for reliable mobile refrigeration. We take pride in visually inspecting the unit, cleaning any oil spills, clearing debris, making sure air flow is unobstructed, rotating fan motors and blades, tightening any electrical connections and more. We have six decades of experience in this industry, so we operate with the big picture in mind without sacrificing attention to detail.

Here’s our Refrigeration Maintenance & Inspection Checklist

Trailer Brake Repair

For any vehicle, maintaining functioning brakes is one of the most essential safety measures any driver can take, but it is especially important for professional truck drivers hauling tons of cargo over long distances. Depending on load and terrain, most heavy duty trucks have brake linings that need to be replaced once every 2 years. This is not a repair you can afford to miss! There is nothing more dangerous than a heavily loaded truck with failing brakes, but luckily, TKX Transport has the maintenance skills you can trust to keep your brakes in good shape.

With over 60 years of experience, we will check your brake lining regularly and help you plan to replace parts ahead of time, minimizing any risk for damages. We will also assess any safety hazards beyond regular wear and tear. Depending on the types of terrain driven, different trucks need different brake linings, and one of the best ways to damage your vehicle is to select the wrong material for this job. For example, driving through forests, mountains or cities with a lot of starting and stopping would require premium semi-grade metallic that can withstand a lot of friction. Our expert mechanics will take all relevant factors into account to find out exactly what you need to have the best working brakes possible.

No one will be on the road with faulty brakes; we make sure of it.

Trailer Lighting Repair & Service

As a commercial driver, even if the rest of your truck is running smoothly, any sort of light failure makes you a hazard on the road and also liable for hefty fines. In order to prevent any run-ins with local law enforcement or worse, an accident due to poor visibility, let TKX provide regular circuitry check ups for your electrical lighting system.

We will use specialized tools to check the health of the wires and the ability for electricity to be conducted from source to bulb, as well as replace any faltering light bulbs, strengthen any wire connections, replace any broken wires, and clean away or replace any rusted parts. All of Chicago would tell you, with us you can be sure that trailer lighting is not likely to be an unexpected problem on dark nights. And if any aspect of truck lighting gets tangled along the way, TKX is here to illuminate the most accurate and reliable repair techniques.

Insurance Maintenance InspectionInsurance Maintenance Inspection

Commercial truck drivers usually carry some sort of insurance plan for the driver, the vehicle and the cargo. Making sure that all the requirements of the insurance plan are met is key to protecting against any possible damages. Freight carrying insurance plans require that any refrigerated truck unit be regularly inspected, serviced, maintained and repaired on a schedule determined by the maker of the trailer.

TKX is familiar with major insurance carriers and their requirements, as well as the schedules set by the makers of trailers and refrigeration units, so we can get your truck and cooling unit serviced and up to par with no hassle. Don’t take the chance of slacking on insurance maintenance; let TKX Transport complete all the required maintenance for you to stay 100% compliant.

Insurance Claim Work

If you are a commercial driver who has been in an auto accident, has gotten a traffic violation or has been cited for fix-it work, you will need to have the vehicle inspected and a claim made to your insurance company. Here in Chicago, TKX Transport Refrigeration will take care of your insurance claims and do the required investigation of the mobile cold storage vehicle to submit to your insurance carrier. No one likes getting caught up in red tape, but you can trust TKX to handle and submit any insurance claim that requires repair and investigation of any refrigerated auto unit.

DOT Certified InspectionsDOT Certified Inspections

In order to ensure safety on the road, the U.S. Department of Transportation requires that every commercial truck and large bus must pass an annual DOT inspection. TKX is a certified and approved DOT inspector, and with 60 years in business, our DOT inspection process has been nailed down. We follow all DOT guidelines and inspect, repair and service the refrigerated truck and trailer as it needs. In order to pass the DOT inspection, you need accurate records, astute observations, quality repair skills and extensive experience, all of which TKX Transport is happy to provide.

Our customer service is excellent and we will make sure we do everything possible to pass your refrigerated truck or trailer. Don’t get stopped at any Chicago tollbooths for a spontaneous DOT inspection without possessing the utmost confidence in your vehicle that comes from regular TKX maintenance and a DOT passing grade.

Thermo King & Carrier Parts Supply (OEM, Reconditioned & Used)

Thermo King and Carrier account for roughly 90% of all mobile refrigerated systems, so it is vital that any refrigeration repair company have an expansive store of both knowledge and parts for these two major companies. TKX Transport Refrigeration is proud to satisfy both; we keep a vast supply of Thermo King and Carrier parts on company property so we are always prepared with the right equipment, and our experienced team of technicians is standing at the ready to implement their many years of experience.

We won’t keep you waiting by shopping around; we’ve already got everything we’d need to get the job done in no time. Offering an array of new OEM (original equipment from manufacturer) parts, reconditioned parts and gently used parts, we also strive to give you the best deal possible from a wide variety of Thermo King and Carrier auto parts. TKX Transport is your one stop shop for mobile cold storage parts replacement.


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