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Carrier Transicold X4™

TKX Refrigeration is happy to announce that we added the new ultra-high efficient Carrier Transicold X4™ 7300 trailer unit to our fleet. The Carrier Transicold X4™ trailer unit has the highest refrigeration capacities in the industry and complies with the Tier 4 emissions requirements from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Furthermore, this brand new unit

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Thermo King Unveils Fuel Efficient Precedent

Thermo King is once again ahead of the game with their brand new fuel-efficient refrigerated trailer unit called Precedent. For over 75 years, Thermo King has been leading the pack with their innovative strategies for refrigerated transport, and the name for this soon-to-be-released addition to their catalog is fitting because the company is setting the

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Carrier Transicold Introduces APX Trailer Units With Long-Term Warranty

Carrier Transicold, one of the reefer industry’s leading manufacturers, has recently announced impressive new APX technology for trailer units with an even more impressive warranty. Now, the brand’s renowned APX control units are available for trailers as well as trucks, and Carrier Transicold is so confident and proud to present the 2500 APX and 2100

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thermo king trailer rental

When To Consider Refrigerated Trailer Rental

Not every business needs a fleet of refrigerated trailers year-round, but may benefit from having access to some when the need arises. It can sometimes be more cost-effective and convenient for a business to lease trailers in relation to demand for goods, rather than take the plunge into investing in a fleet. Fleet Investment Vs.

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Carrier Transicold Ultra Oil Filters

The Importance of Preventative Maintenance

Making sure all your cold storage units are working properly can prevent disasters on the road. You don’t want to wait until the last minute to realize that something is broken, then end up paying higher fees for more complicated repair or replacing a busted part. Ensuring all refrigerated Thermo King and Carrier equipment receive

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Spring Special

TKX Uses OEM Parts

We have a large selection of Thermo King & Carrier Parts. Including New , Reconditioned and Used Parts

Thermo King & Carrier OEM Parts


The crew at TKX are great to work with. I needed emergency repair and they were there for me in the middle of the night.
Mark H. - Chicago, IL