Carrier Transicold X4™

TKX Refrigeration is happy to announce that we added the new ultra-high efficient Carrier Transicold X4™ 7300 trailer unit to our fleet. The Carrier Transicold X4™ trailer unit has the highest refrigeration capacities in the industry and complies with the Tier 4 emissions requirements from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Furthermore, this brand new unit has lower fuel consumption, lower maintenance costs, lighter weight and quieter operation than any earlier models. When we do <a title=”carrier service and repair” href=””>Carrier Transicold service &amp; repair</a>, we can see how the design has improved on these models.

The X4™ 7300 single-temperature belt-driven unit requires less power than Carrier Transicold’s prior units and features innovative equipment designed for 2013 Tier 4 compliance. The X4™ 7300 unit delivers fast pulldown and precise temperature control. To be exact, the new unit provides 66,000 BTUs of cooling at a setpoint of 35 degrees Fahrenheit (100 F ambient). They achieve 35 to 50 percent more BTUs of cooling per gallon of fuel, at AHRI rating conditions, than older models.

carrier transicold trailerMoreover, this new, state-of-the-art Carrier unit features ecoFORWARD™ technologies which deliver significant fuel savings, while providing higher performance, lighter weight, lower operations costs and compliance with Tier 4 emissions regulations. In addition, the 2.2 liter engine of the unit is equipped with sensors and an electronic control module that communicates with Carrier’s APX™ control system for optimized performance.

In comparison to previous Carrier models, the X4™ 7300 unit weighs 30 pounds less (which is 13 percent lighter than competitive units), offers up to 10 percent higher cooling capacity, accomplishes up to 20 percent faster pulldown, consumes up to 22 percent less fuel over a full range of operating conditions (up to 35 percent less fuel during pulldown), requires 24 percent less refrigerant, and operates at up to 18 percent slower speeds which reduces engine runtime by up to 15 percent.

The unit’s ultra-high efficiency components, such as optimized V-Force™ fans and Novation™ micro-channel condenser coils, reduce engine fuel consumption, which help the units achieve setpoint faster and shut off sooner in start/stop mode due to the greater cooling capacities. This in turn saves even more fuel, reducing engine run hours as well as runtime-based maintenance expense. Hence, the greatest fuel savings occur when the unit operates under the most demanding circumstances.

If you want to a trailer refrigeration unit that combines inventive engineering with a streamlined, practical design that translates into reduced fuel consumption, less engine run hours, quieter operation and lower maintenance costs, check out the new Carrier Transicold X4™ 7300 at TKX Refrigeration.

Here are a couple more shots of this unit!

carrier transicold trailer

carrier transicold x4