Thermo King Unveils Fuel Efficient Precedent

Thermo King is once again ahead of the game with their brand new fuel-efficient refrigerated trailer unit called Precedent. For over 75 years, Thermo King has been leading the pack with their innovative strategies for refrigerated transport, and the name for this soon-to-be-released addition to their catalog is fitting because the company is setting the stage for how reefer engines are built for a new age of energy efficiency. The EPA will start setting emissions standards for all motor engines in 2013, and even though it’s a year away, Precedent is already here sounding the whistle with top of the line technologies that comply with all emissions regulations without compromising quality and reliability.

After having spent three years in development narrowing down the best ideas, Thermo King is proud to unveil the fruits of their labors. What sets this company apart is their unique vision of these new EPA regulations as a challenge to spur innovation rather than an as a barrier to be overcome. Precedent comes in two varieties: the S-series, which meets even the strictest of EPA requirements and means customers won’t have to invest in upgrades later, and the C-series, which is a lower-cost starting point that still offers reliable fuel efficiency and potential for upgrades.

The Thermo King Precedent S-Series is an entirely new concept with only the best technology available:

  • A high-pressure common rail raises fuel pressure to 20,000 psi and uses smart fuel injection techniques to reduce particulate matter residues at specified times, rather than the more expensive and complex DPF system.
  • The Diesel Oxidation Catalyst System (DOC) is specifically designed to ensure the engine runs clean by reducing carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons without compromising fuel efficiency.
  • The Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) is custom made to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions enough to pass all EPA compliance tests.

Precedent is neither full diesel-electrical nor diesel-mechanical. Instead, the unit utilizes the best of both worlds to provide:

  • A condenser with double the surface area of previous models to improve air flow around the entire unit.
  • An electrically-driven fan system that rests on top of the condenser and adapts to weather conditions to provide optimal cooling as needed.
  • An evaporator that stretches across the whole width of the trailer to significantly reduce heat absorption.
  • A diesel direct drive system was chosen over an electrical system of energy transference because it was determined to be the most efficient way to power the compressor with minimal energy loss and maximum fuel efficiency.
  • The 40-year old blueprint for the compressor seemed hard to improve because it has already held a long-lasting standard for reliability, but even compressor operation has been slowed down to increase fuel efficiency, and standby mode has been made even more efficient, as well.
  • The Permanent Magnet Generator (PGM) was chosen as the best power solution because it is smaller, lighter and more reliable than the alternatives, overall increasing streamlined efficiency.

Precedent also offers customizable options, like LED lighting, chrome grills and accessories, as well as additional efficiency tools like battery chargers, Smartpower™ packages and two different model series to meet every customer’s needs.

TKX Transport Refrigeration was honored to be at the official unveiling of Precedent, and is proud to continue servicing and maintaining Thermo King products for our customers in the Chicago area. The Thermo King Precedent unit was reviewed and successfully trademarked as of July 6, 2012, so stay tuned for this product’s official release date.

Here’s some pictures of Thermo King Precendent