Carrier Transicold Introduces APX Trailer Units With Long-Term Warranty

Carrier Transicold, one of the reefer industry’s leading manufacturers, has recently announced impressive new APX technology for trailer units with an even more impressive warranty. Now, the brand’s renowned APX control units are available for trailers as well as trucks, and Carrier Transicold is so confident and proud to present the 2500 APX and 2100 APX systems that each comes with a warranty that surpasses most others.

Competitive Warranty

The warranty for both trailer units, 2500 APX and 2100 APX, is good for 60 months or 10,000 service hours for the control modules and clutch, and 48 months or 8,000 services hours for all major components, including the engine, gearbox, compressor, refrigeration coils, control display module, suction modulation valve, solenoid valves, fan shaft and more.  Also, the alternator warranty has been doubled to 24 months.

This is the most comprehensive guaranteed warranty the industry has ever seen, and may be enough to invest in these latest and greatest units in and of itself. But let’s see what makes them so confident.

APX Technology For Trailers

These two models, 2500 APX and 2100 APX, are the latest manifestations of Carrier Transicold’s X2 series of belt-driven mobile refrigeration units, and the first time APX technology has been integrated into trailer units. APX single-temperature technology is a ground breaking control system that combines some of the refrigeration industry’s best features, including:

•    Modular, distributed electronics that make temperature control reliable and easily serviceable
•    Bright graphical display and easy-to-use interface that displays five times the amount of information as competitor’s units
•    Large text and on-screen temperature graphing that make it easy to keep track of temperature
•    Multi-language capability
•    USB connectivity to make data transfers quick and easy

Premium Feature Now Included

What’s more is that the 2500 APX and 2100 APX trailer units are the first models to carry the Carrier Transicold IntelliSet™ technology as a standard feature. Usually, the IntelliSet control application is only offered as a premium ReeferApp™, but now it is included in the purchase for these models. IntelliSet™ controls ensure that the unit is running at optimal performance and fuel efficiency automatically. And it’s simple to use with a set-and-select feature that allows drivers to pick the right commodity setting from a scrolling list.

X2 Series For Refrigerated Transport

Carrier Transicold is upping its own game and now has four X2 series for refrigerated transportation, including the two models introduced here, as well as the 2500 Advance and 2100 Advance units that are distinguished by different control systems and capabilities.

Temperature Capacity

The 2500 models have a cooling capacity of 66,000 Btuh at the setpoint of 35 degrees Fahrenheit and can have an ambient temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The 2100 models allow for 64,000 Btuh under the same conditions.