Maintenance and Inspection

TKX Refrigeration performs a 32 point inspection on Carrier and Thermo King refrigeration units during our standard preventative maintenance service.

Our recommended interval for trailers & refrigeration units every 1,500 hours.


  • Run Pretrip test
  • Check Engine
  • Check fuel supply
  • Check Engine oil level.
  • Inspect belts for condition, and proper tension.
  • Check engine oil pressure hot, on high speed.
  • Listen for unusual noises, vibration, etc.
  • Check air cleaner restriction indicator.
  • Drain water from fuel and check vent
  • Inspect/clean fuel transfer pump inlet strainer
  • Check and adjust engine speeds
  • Check condition of drive coupling bushings.
  • Check engine mounts for wear.
  • Replace fuel filters/water separator.
  • Change engine oil and oil filter (hot).
  • Change ELC (red) engine coolant every 5years or 12,000 hours.
  • Test fuel injection nozzles at least every 10,000 hours.


  • Inspect battery terminals and electrolyte level.
  • Inspect wire harness for damaged wires or connection.
  • Check operation of damper door.
  • Inspect alternator wire connections for tightness.
  • Inspect electric motor; replace bearings yearly or every 6,000 hours.


  • Check refrigerant level
  • Check for proper suction pressure.
  • Check compressor oil level and condition.
  • Check compressor efficiency and pump down refrigeration system.
  • Replace dehydrator and check discharge and suction pressure every (2) years.


  • Visually inspect unit for fluid leaks
  • Visually inspect unit for damaged, loose or broken parts.
  • Inspect tapered roller bearing fanshaft and idlers for leakage and bearing wear
  • Clean entire unit including condenser and evaporator coils and defrost
  • Check all unit and fuel tank mounting bolts, brackets, lines, hoses etc.
  • Check evaporator damper door adjustment operation


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