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Thermo King refrigeration units are a staple of the refrigeration industry, renowned worldwide for their cold storage excellence. In fact, the first refrigerated transportation unit – consisting of an engine, a compressor and a condenser – was created in 1938 for Thermo King by Frederick M. Jones to keep chicken meat fresh for travel. This invention spurred a modest yet significant revolution that changed the world. Now there was a way to keep food fresh across long distances, and Thermo King is still a premiere producer of quality cold storage products.

Since Thermo King products are so prevalent and popular in the refrigerated transport industry, it is only natural that TKX Refrigeration’s repair mechanics be an expert in this product line. We have 60 years experience repairing and servicing Thermo King products and keep up to date with the latest technology and releases.

TKX Refrigeration offers repair, servicing, regular maintenance and a huge selection of replacement parts for your Thermo King trailer, truck, van and A.P.U. units. We have been providing excellent transport refrigeration service and repair for the Chicago area since 1977, and have a back storage selection of new, used and refurbished Thermo King replacement parts.

Our refrigeration mechanics have experience servicing the following units, among many others:

For Trailers:

  • Spectrum DE with SR-2
  • Spectrum SB with SR-2
  • SB-400
  • SB-230 & SB-330
  • Super-II
  • SB-200TG
  • SB-190
  • SB-210+ & SB-310+

For Trucks:

  • MD-100
  • T-600 & T-600R
  • T-800 & T-800R
  • TS-200, TS-300 & TS-500
  • T-1000 & T-1000R
  • UT-1200X
  • T-1000 Spectrum

Ask us for information regarding some of the latest Thermo King products to hit the market:

  • Sensor Kits – for monitoring and controlling temperature
  • Secondary Door Latch Kit – for extra security
  • System Clean Up Kit – revolutionary way to clean refrigeration system clean up
  • Coupler Brushing Kit – extends life of coupler brushings
  • Smooth Air Blower – can lower fuel usage by up to 7%

Let us keep your Thermo King units in the best possible shape!


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The crew at TKX are great to work with. I needed emergency repair and they were there for me in the middle of the night.
Mark H. - Chicago, IL